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Danekræ fossil trove are geological, botanical or zoological objects found in Denmark, with unique scientific or exhibition value: rare or extremely well-preserved fossils, animal skeletons from the Ice Ages, meteorites or minerals. By law, fossil trove belongs to the state, and must be delivered to the Natural History Museum of Denmark, or one of the nationally recognized natural history museums. Finders of Danekræ fossil trove receive a renumeration, the size of which depends on the scientific and exhibition value, as well as the care taken for the specimen.

To date, more than 1,000 finds have been declared Danekræ fossil trove, and secured for scientific studies, as well as exhibition and public outreach. By far the majority of specimens in the collection are fossil remains of prehistoric animals and plants, but the three meteorite troves Maribo (2009), Ejby (2015) and Dueodde (2017), as well two rock and two mineral specimens, have also been recognized as fossil trove.

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