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The entomological collection (understood broadly, including myriapods and arachnids) is the largest in the museum. The collection includes more than 3.5 million insects mounted on needles in the dry collection, and at least a similar number of insects and land-dwelling arthropods preserved in alcohol. Around 100,000 described species are represented (of a total number of more than one million species), and the collection also contain around 10,500 type specimens. There is a growing DNA-grade insect tissue collection (mainly beetles) kept at low temperatures. The entomological collection has global coverage with particularly good representation of the Palearctic material and samples from East Africa. The Danish fauna is also very well represented. The collection includes many historical and recent nomenclatural types which are kept under particular care, where the material by Fabricius is the most notable.

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  • Nikolaj Scharff

Curator of Diptera and Lepidoptera

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