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The invertebrate collection (excluding the insects and some other arthropods) is for historical reasons much focused on marine fauna. The geographical representation is especially good for areas where Denmark has been present as a nation: Danish marine territory, Greenland, the North Atlantic in general, and our former tropical colonies. The collection contains large amounts of original and type material from the period 1760 to about a hundred years later, when the description of the animal kingdom was really gaining speed. From later, important initiatives it is relevant to mention material from the “Dana” plankton expeditions, the “Galathea” Deep Sea Expedition, and from recent years large amounts of previously poorly known or undescribed, so called meiofauna animals.

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Curator of Mollusca, Plathyhelminthes, Cnidaria, - Ctenophora and Prorifera

  • Martin Vinther Sørensen

Curator of Echinodermata, ‘Tentaculata’, Tunicata, Crustacea and ‘Vermes’ (Annelida etc)

Collection manager of Plathyhelminthes, Cnidaria, Ctenophora and Porifera

Collection manager of Mollusca, Echinodermata, ‘Tentaculata’ and Tunicata

Collection manager of Crustacea and ‘Vermes’ (Annelida etc.)